About Us

JiluBooks.com was created with the goal of bring the joy and benefit of reading to as many people possible. Providing high quality books covering Fiction, Non-fiction, Textbooks and more in new and used condition, we cover as many categories as possible to serve readers reading more yet spending less. 

We are building a better place for people to buy Chinese books online. Our advanced search allows customers to locate books by title, author, ISBN or keyword. Customer can brows through our category pages to find what they want with a general idea of what they are looking for. 

JiluBooks.com is associated with Jilu Bookstore (基路书店), a friendly and dynamic book store in Beijing, the Capital city of China. And our brand name, Jilu Books, was originally generated from these Chinese Characters, meaning the path of Christ.

The JiluBooks.com inventory does not necessarily reflect the exact titles available within our retail stores. The online inventory will tend to be broader than the retail store inventory.

How You Can Help Us

JiluBooks.com would not exist without the help of many loyal customers and friends. We don't primarily mean the support through purchasing of books which certainly helps us, but rather the support and help we receive on many other levels. If you think JiluBooks.com is providing a unique service or if you enjoy our books, then please consider supporting us in the following ways.

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